Monthly Archives: February 2017

February 8th


When someone Trouble loves reappears after a significant absence, there is an immediate love-in, usually just inside the front door. Trouble’s greeting is rapturous, beginning with a tail wagging that involves the full body, followed by a slow sideways slide to the floor, and a paw-waving rollover that clearly indicates that the favoured visitor is permitted to provide a belly rub.


The rapture is contagious, as, for instance, when Daughter comes home after farflung travels. Not everyone is so privileged or so loved.

One Friend, however, receives the same welcome — Daughter’s Friend, who from time to time looks after Trouble when her People go away. Daughter’s Friend is beloved of the whole household, in fact, to the extent that we have coined a new category of relationship in her honour. You’ve heard of daughters-in-law: Daughter’s Friend is also our Daughter-in-Paw.

And, since February 8th is her birthday, we offer her our congratulations and our best wishes for much happiness and our love. One of us is also offering a belly rub, but that has to be claimed in person.